Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I lean this way psychologically, I find something that I like, think it is perfectly doable, tell my family and invariably they shoot it down to the darkest depths.  Now after years and years of this type of feedback you would think I had learned not to SHARE.  I can't help myself, I always hope that I have hit upon something so unique so wonderful that they find it equally exciting.

My mind tells me 'never happen kiddo', they are who they are and you are still you.  People who lack compulsiveness, imagination and daring do have little to offer in my estimation.  Wouln't you think the tables would turn and they'd find something worth commenting on, or at least explore the situation further and offer some positive feedback? I'm dreaming, aren't I? 

What my latest obsession is is irrelevant, its my reaction to the same response....I become despondent and almost always 'drop it'.  Sometimes losing weeks at a time just trying to move on.  I do eventually but this time I just want to move on, next brainstorm I have I will keep to myself. 

I find telling you is almost as good as approval.  Yes, it can be done, it is not outlandish.  Let's look into this a bit further.  This could be feasible....let's check it out. on with my day.  rd.PS still sharing a computer....keeping things short and sometimes sweet.

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The Blog of Bee said...

Sad thing is that others are myopic and don't have your vision. Or they're so negative that anything positive that is suggested, is alien.

Time to stop sharing the thoughts and getting on with the job at hand. Only then will the detractors sit up and take note and realized that it's not such a nad idea after all.

The problem with wanting to change other people is that we have to change ourselves first. So if it's something you think will work, do it and don't wait to have it 'approved'.