Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Dream On

Don't you just hold back a yawn when your best friend tells you his or her dream .  Well, go ahead yawn....get it over with.  I too had a dream.  I suppose I dream just as much or as little as the next person...but generally I'm not a rememberer.  Nor do I actually share them with anyone since I too am a yawner.

Here goes.....I won a house.  In Sweden.  It was so ordinary,so plain, nothing that could be called 'that wow factor'.  But.....it was free!  That was enough wow for me.  I went in....it was open, sun streaming in from all sides, including tubes inserted into the ceilings to let more sun in.  I was in love.

The kicker was....I needed to furnish the house exclusively with IKEA products.  I do so love IKEA that didn't seem to be a problem...just made me more excited to get on with it. 

I must have completed every room.  This includes bathrooms and outdoor decks. All grey and white and a hint of ice blue.  I really do like this scheme, but I don't have a thing in my current home anything like that.

Here is the unusual part.....I continued sleeping. But I awoke in the family room around 3:30 am paging through my IKEA catalog.If asked....I couldn't tell you where it was.  I hadn't looked at it in ages.  Why get myself all excited over nothing.  The nearest location of a store is in Washington D.C. ...fat chance I would be going there any time soon.  Lets not even talk about the expense account...it is non existent.

All in all it was quite lovely.  I felt at home at last.  My current address is quite the opposite.  Dark, hot, heavy, and did I say dark? Not at all to my liking.  walls hung with things I no longer look at, or care about.  Just an unpleasant place for me. 

Now I will tell you quite truthfully I have been under enormous stress.  Singly, each challenge is quite manageable, but again it requires  a McIver attitude to reach any kind of conclusion.  Time and time again I am asked to accomplish the near impossible, with thought and time I can with the help of my daughter. 

This time it  is different.  It is all happening at once, and requires immediate satisfaction.  If the hand sander fails , as it did, I can't just go out and replace it.  I must finish that damn foyer makeover regardless.  Weeks later, after a short incapacitation and much agonizing over the hand sander, Bob comes in from the dreaded ssssssssssssssssssssnake  barn with another sander. I believe he found some joy in handing it to me like didn't you know it was there?  Damnit, no I did not.So that project is underway.....again.

Then my daughter, my helper, comes down with a serious pain.  Hip pain....so off we go after a reasonable wait to see my hip doc. X-rays taken, MRI taken nope it isn't in need of hip surgery.  Well, what is it?  She asks for pain meds since she is no longer comfortable walking, sitting, or sleeping....here ya go kiddo...take some Tylenol and you will feel great.  Not so.

Let me explain....we do not get pain meds here in Virginia and Maryland.  I have no idea what has changed but docs will not prescribe. So I spent futile days on the internet trying my best to get something that is 1) non addictive2) won't burn a hole in a stomach, and did I mention is not a synthetic morphine? Or is reasonably priced.  I did but haven't ordered because the next situation needed my attention.

Last year Bob inspected a home that was in foreclosure.  It had been vacant for months if not a year or more.  It was dark ( no electricity) stinky and obviously he was in a rush to get outta there.  At that time he brought home fleas from this dump.  I was beside myself....I had never encountered an infestation like this.  Of course by the time your pets are itchy and scratching it has been under way for weeks if not months.

He must have done it again!  It is the only explanation I can come up with.  All the aforementioned critters have been on flea prevention 12 months of the year.  Fleas do not go to south Florida for the winter, they like it here too much.  This time it is worse than before....we cannot get a handle on it.  Please...let me explain....we have 30 indoor cats, and three dogs , who do play in the yard.  Now I have been on the internet constantly to find a perfect solution.

What I mean by a perfect solution is perfect for me....I can't , on my own, do the required all at once approach.  Impossible.  Nicci is laid up, Bob thinks this is woman's work and too gross for him. So I am trying to tackle all the places the cats go.  That is upstairs and downstairs.  Numerous rugs, wooden floors with wide gaps between floorboards, and I couldn't tell you how many kitty carpeted condos are around.  Every one of them needs to be vacuumed, put spray on, or borax for carpets, wash bedding, then put new stuff on the cats, because Frontline didn't work. And catch these miserable teen cats to pop a Capstar down their little throats.

I'm still in the process.  We are enduring a monster heatwave.  These old houses were not built for 100 degree temperatures.  Air conditioners are running....then not running...we experience kind of rolling brown outs.  So we stay off our computers as much as possible for fear the house will explode.

I dreamt of  a near perfect place.....I got to experience some solitude and silence. I did what I long to do, decorate a house from scratch. Plus....I got up in my slumber and found the IKEA catalog.  Now that ain't bad afterall.  Until next time keep safe, cool and well. RD