Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I lean this way psychologically, I find something that I like, think it is perfectly doable, tell my family and invariably they shoot it down to the darkest depths.  Now after years and years of this type of feedback you would think I had learned not to SHARE.  I can't help myself, I always hope that I have hit upon something so unique so wonderful that they find it equally exciting.

My mind tells me 'never happen kiddo', they are who they are and you are still you.  People who lack compulsiveness, imagination and daring do have little to offer in my estimation.  Wouln't you think the tables would turn and they'd find something worth commenting on, or at least explore the situation further and offer some positive feedback? I'm dreaming, aren't I? 

What my latest obsession is is irrelevant, its my reaction to the same response....I become despondent and almost always 'drop it'.  Sometimes losing weeks at a time just trying to move on.  I do eventually but this time I just want to move on, next brainstorm I have I will keep to myself. 

I find telling you is almost as good as approval.  Yes, it can be done, it is not outlandish.  Let's look into this a bit further.  This could be feasible....let's check it out. on with my day.  rd.PS still sharing a computer....keeping things short and sometimes sweet.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Happy Fall, Y'All.   I'm not a big fan of fall as such.  Perhaps it is just the area we live in.  Leaves do not generally turn their beautiful hues.  They are green one day and the following are brown and then death of the it tumbles down to the ground.

Rather than beginnings, as I keep reading, it appears to me as an ending.  Having said that, I'm not good at endings or goodbyes.  Unless, of course, it is the dentist drilling, drilling and I scream at him in my brain 'Stop, oh, please, stop".

I look forward to Winter.  This is a favorite of mine and fall is just one step closer to that season.  It too is a reflective season as well as a planning season.  The one hundred days of celebrations has begun, holidays in the very near future and a time to plan ahead.

I'm still enjoying the cooler evenings.  A window open to let the breezes in.  The squawking of the early morning Blue Jays is a great wake up call.  They are the harbinger of what is to come. 

I wish you all a happy Fall.  Enjoy the fruits of fall as well.  I finally found my appleman.  I've been waiting on him for weeks.  I had begun to think the worst, he is quite old and infirm, but there he was on Saturday with his flatbed truck parked in his usual spot bringing the wonderful  produce from the Shenandoah Valley.  Alls well with my little world.

Keep safe, keep warm. rd