Monday, April 26, 2010

A Population Explosion that Requires Immediate Attention.

I really do not remember when I began to use Facebook, at any rate it must be some time ago. I went there for the games and just to veg out. It has indeed served that purpose and more. Many of my friends were there and it was much like not missing a step from old '360'.

But there is so much more on Facebook. Do you have an interest? It can and will fill that void in a most enjoyable way. You don't have to commit, or pay an entrance fee. I am interested in multitudes of things, including gardening, cooking,keeping perverts off of this site and animals.

Here is where I began to get caught up in a whirlpool of sorts. One thing leading to another. No one was pulling at me to join every other rescue agency known on this continent or any other. I did so out of curiosity, and a willingness to help if needed.

No sooner had I signed on to one then another and another group wanted me to take a look-see. I did so because I am polite and do know the pitfalls of the rescuing business. I gave that up some ten years ago, nope, I wasn't going to fall into that 24/7 trap again. It is endless, and keeps escalating into more bizarre needs than the human mind can comprehend. At least I can't.

To give you an example of the hideousness of the problem I get no less than 100 groups parading one sad faced dog or cat on the internet day after day. No, they are not always sad faced....some of them show a spunk for life and have no idea that theirs is about to be cut short.

Mine was not a unique dilemma....I never wanted to become hardened to the fact that this is happening right under our patrician noses day in and day out. So unless I want to return to my former life of a rescuer and sit in remote places under the cover of darkness listening for the click of the trap door closing I saw no way to be of help.

Let me revisit that time.....we had a plethora of help. Vets, volunteers, foster homes and lots of donations. We did this all before the internet and managed just fine in most instances.

My main concern is the over-abundance of one particular breed of dog that is either running loose or is relinquished by their owner ..... the pit bull. Oh, what a maligned breed this is. It is a relatively new breed to the United States but the population explosion is drowning us all.

The photos that I mentioned are largly pics of pitties. Yes up to 60% are pitties. Now I am aware that Riverside County in Calif has a day set aside for free pit spay/neuter. Isn't that grand? That is just one example. Other cities like Denver have banned pit bulls, which unfortunately does very little for the pit bull.

I want to do something. I want to have a fresh start with this Disney doing a film about pits that show their inherant loyalty, intellegence, strength. But thinking ahead....what if Disney were to take this on and the pitti looked so good to children that they would just run up to them and try to hug them and in the process get mauled?

Here is the rub, my friends, its all about the owners. How do we know how this pup grew up? We don't. He more than likely was purchased out of a department store push cart at a flea market or out of a trunk of a car. Is there money in this? I kind of doubt it. Do the purchasers have any idea what they are commiting to? I kinda doubt that as well. Do they know this breed is extremely active? Do they have any idea how much money a pet costs? Forget about getting spayed or neutered. Nope, I think not....but they sure do look bad and mean on the end of a chain that is designed for pulling big rigs out of ditches.

Many people have tried unsuccessfully to remedy this situation. How many of the people that partake in the free spay/neuter services of Riverside County do you think are of the macho kind just having a pit for an ornament?

I know I haven't even touched the problelm....yet day in and day out pitties are losing the battle. They have become a large part of our disposable society. How can we help this breed? How can we prevent flea market sales? How can we prevent the utter abuse? I'm at a loss. RD

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Jacqui Binford-Bell said...

After my German Shepherd died and I was in search of another dog I went to Purina's website on picking a breed. They ask a lot of questions about your current life style, pets you have had in the past and currently, etc. and come up with 5 best breeds for you.

I was rather gratified with the results because of the five three breeds I had already owned: the standard poodle, the German Shepherd and a Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier.

One particular phrase they used on this site was: NOT FOR THE FIRST TIME DOG OWNER. Actually all five of the dogs listed for me had that phrase because they are smart enough to wheedle their way around any complacent owner. I have owned and trained dogs all my life. My dad had a kennel when I was two.

There are two dogs I would never consider owning: A pit bull and a Chow. And here in New Mexico they abound. That and hybrid wolves. Boy is that stupid. And every year they kill livestock and kids because their owners were romantically attached to the look of the animal without considering their inbred traits.

Chows are bred to guard the emperor and Pit Bulls to fight in pits. When I lived in North Carolina the breeder living next door went every Saturday to the pound to buy abandoned cats to train his pits.

We need responsible owners and breeders of animals and I don't see that number increasing anywhere. BTW as a rental property owner I can tell you my insurance company will not cover those two dogs either.