Thursday, January 6, 2011

Not Out Of The Woods

Today, January 5, 2011 at approximately 1:30 p.m. I witnessed my daughter have a stroke.  She was quietly attempting to activate Robert's new phone. 

I was especially watching her because she had been feeling "strange".  She was released from the hospital the day before.  At that admittance she was suffering from complications of asthma and flu - like symptoms.  She was by no means ready to be released.  She became ill yesterday, vomiting and complaining of her five year headache.

She began to lean to her right, not able to speak, flailing her arms telling me....I don't need help.  I didn't listen.  Within five minutes a rescue squad arrived.  Same that took her to the hospital the other day.  They were so professional, and quick to aid her. 

Robert spent the remainder of the day in the hospital waiting room.  When Nikki arrived the neurologist and ER doc were waiting and ready to take over.

At long last she got her MRI and dozens of blood tests and x-rays.  Why the anxiety over the MRI?  She and I have been asking her primary  for years to do one.  She needed to find out once and for all what was causing this headache,  That is not to say we know now....but it needed this?  to get some answers?

Low and 7p.m she called me from her intensive care room.  She did slur her words a bit but she felt fine otherwise.  She improved as the evening went on. 

Her last visit from her Doc....he jumped up and down  that she responded so well to their aggressive measures upon entering the ER.  I guess I'm jumping up and down myself...a little cautiously however.  I've been on the phone constantly with her sister who happenchance is temporarily living with her inlaws.

Her mother-in-law is a veritible encyclopedia of health issues.  She has survived 6 heart attacks and I don't know how many strokes. So talking with her made it easier for me to comprehend what was happening.  In fact Elaine spoke with Nikki at the hospital and quizzed her as she was quizzed after her stroke.  She feels that Nikki is doing fine but to be cautious.

That is all I know for today.  I needed to vent this with you and hope that tomorrow will bring some sunshine. Keep yourselves safe...RD

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