Thursday, July 30, 2009

Am I Seeing Red or....

is everything coming up roses. Best guess...neither.

My malady, illness, condition has not got a name,although I have been to Salisbury and Pokemoke City numerous times being poked, x-rayed, swallowing my pride,plus drinking stuff I wouldn't toss out of a car window for fear of injuring someone.

Does this mean I'm to live like this...walking into walls, not being able to hold on to a paint brush? Tiring at the slightest movement. Taking naps that rival my cats. I sure hope is becoming 'old' and scary.

Thank goodness for books. They have gotten me through the bulk of this. Oddly enough I can hold a book upright and easily get lost in the written word.

Most recently I have been reading P.D. James and Elizabeth George. Two wonderfully entertaining authors.

I have become fixated upon Cornwall. Last night I went so far as to find estate agents, and browse through the offerings. Nothing dimmed my enthusiasm. I saw the ideal lodgings. This is just my fantasy of course, but it keeps me occupied. Much like finding a man like Tommy Lynley...fiction of the first order.

We are coming to grips with the dog situation. The trainer/behaviorist finally consented to answer my email. (her phone was not listed) She admonished me by stating the obvious....'had you come last year as you intended this may not have happened.' After getting over my initial fit of rage, I decided to email her back and dismiss the obvious and want to continue in the quest to train my two dogs.

This week also found us without transportation...water pump on the car needed replacement. You have no idea what lengths you need to go through to just get a simple referral. Our usual mechanic hemmed and hawed coming up with very little useful information. Alas, Eggman to the rescue. He knows the good the bad and the ugly about these parts.

Car is back, the bill was not as frightful as it could be,and included in the fix yet another referral to an air conditioning shop. It doesn't get much better than that. We just want to make informed decisions...and that has been denied us for the past ten years. I've told you how surley these folks can be.

Now that we have wheels, new appointments being made, and requesting that trainer/behaviorist be included on vet visit, I think I have things covered.

Truthfully.....I would like nothing better than to bite into something sinfully sweet. Is that using food as a reward? I don't care what its called I need chocolate.

Play it safe....RD


Jacqui Binford-Bell said...

I have a dog trainer that the end of every session gave the dog owners chocolate. She got a lot of us coming back.

When I lived a couple summers during college with my folks in Dallas, Texas I had this strange pass out or throw up malady that nobody could figure out. Finally a neighbor of my folks that was a doctor sat and asked me questions as opposed to ordering tests.

We finally linked my dizziness, lack of balance, nausea, overall weakness and exhaustion to an inner ear sensitivity to variances in hot and cold.

I could not go from the 68 degree house to the 120 degree garage to the 66 degree car (Dad always kept it slightly cooler than our refrig) to the 110 degree Dallas heat into the 70 degree stores.

Life became easier if I lived outside by the pool from morning to night or in the house all day long. The next summer I chose to not go home. I do better where temperatures are not at extremes i.e. without air conditioning.

I do hope they figure your malady out soon. And hope it is not serious. And it is wonderful you have books. I am currently re-reading P.D. James's book The Murder Room.

Bee's Blog said...

I feel it's related to the inner ear too. Stress is a factor in some cases. I do hope they sort this out soon because I know from experience how debilitating this can be.