Friday, July 24, 2009

Its Been Awhile

After finishing my last two projects and gung ho to embark on the third....I came down with what I thought was a temporary condition.

This condition has persisted for the entire month of July. It is vertigo, along with lethargy and malaise. Now it is no picnic getting around the house or anywhere else for that matter. I sometimes opt to sit it out rather than fall flat on my face.

Sure, I've been seen by ,infact, two physicians. One was totally useless and didn't detect the pneumonia I had been carrying around. Then an urgent care visit to my usual doctors office where I was met by someone new again. My doctor was vacationing.

This proved somewhat successful. She found the pneumonia and began treatment. We needed to address that first. Forget for the time being I couldn't navigate from my room to the kitchen. Not totally, I was prescribed antivert, which does help on occasion.

I am being tested for pre diabetis. Just to find my triglycerides are high....just stop eating everything you love and you will be fine. Or it could have been what I ate the night before. So I'm not taking any chances and munching on all the right stuff.

I should have been to the lab again today, but forgot myself and broke my fast. Shame on me or tough. This time it will be for thyroid and chest x-ray.

Now this is all quite new to me...I'm the one that never got sick. If I were laid low temporarily, I recovered with the speed of lightening. I would never devote a whole blog to my physical condition if this were not a rare and unusual occurrence.

It is quite difficult to maintain my sense of humor and lightness that I normally approach life. My lifestyle is being affected and I want it to stop. I will do what is asked of me, but there are limits I need to re-evaluate.

In addition, we have endured a recent shift in doggy hierarchy. This latest movement was not unexpected...between dear Lucie and cranky Gemma. Gemma tries a patience of a saint, Lucie is not a saint and put Gemma in her place not once but three times. Not a little snappy tooth event .... but the real McCoy. Envision the dog fight videos that Peta loves to remind us of.

Dogs are now separated, call has been put out to the single dog trainer/behaviorist on the peninsula, the situation has been brought to my vets attention. I will do what I need to do to make this can see for yourself ...a person with vertigo is not the answer and is frustrating me beyond belief. I will do or will this challenge into the realm of possibilities....I must.

So you can see for yourself....not all has been well at "Wits End Farm". Everything has taken a back seat to my projects, in fact I find them all a bit selfish at the moment. Until there is a change in the goings on I will be rather absent.

Take care my your veggies. RD

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Bee's Blog said...

Oh dear - vertigo - nasty! Very nasty. Have you tried Stemitil? And I presume the new doctor ruled out an ear infection? Could also be stress related. It's a horrible feeling and you have my full sympathy.

No more New York Cheesecake for you for a while.

I am glad to be able to read about Lucie although not her behavioural pattern - not a lot seems to change there but you will overcome it. I just didn't think it would take this long. Kudos to you for bearing it out - all pets are worth it.