Sunday, September 6, 2009

Fall is upon it or not.

I'm not particularly a fan of fall, I'm a winter gal myself and do welcome the change in seasons. The cooler nights do help. This is a wonderful time to be out and about. I say this with tongue in cheek.

Why....? Fall allergies. Goodness, I have never in my life experienced these types of allergies. It is a cycle that I believe can only be broken with a frost. Sneezing, itching, runny eyes and nose and on and on. But of course, there are remedies....over the counter put you to sleep remedies. Then of course there is my dog Gemma, who is licking, itching and carrying on as I do. She too gets the over the counter remedies and she sleeps for an hour or so and is right back at it.

We both are awaiting a bit of cooling off. Whatever the culprit is is really in good form this year. I'm thinking mold. It is just everywhere. You breath it in day and nite. A dog is closer to the ground and they have their noses right in it.

Come to think of it....I spent Thursday eight hours of Thursday on the road and in Salisbury's Peninsula Regional Hospital getting tested. Oh yeah, the same old stuff, chest x-ray, spirometery, and finally a consult with a pulmonologist.

I have to say....this fellow was one wippy guy. The second that I have met in the ten years of living here. He was sassy, feisty,knowledgeable, not that difficult to look at either. Yup, I have allergies, yup, I have asthma. We already knew this, but it is getting worse. He suggested I move. MOVE....heck I've wanted to do that for the past ten years. He offered to write a note to Bob to stress the urgency of my getting out of this climate. He suggested Northern Arizona. Funny he should say that.

As anyone who knows me just a bit will tell you I have been looking in various places among them Texas. He nixed Texas. Too much of the same types of allergens that I'm sensitive to there. Why northern Arizona...I really don't know...but he mentioned that I clearly don't belong here or back in the 18Th century of the Eastern Shore of Virginia.

I explained why we have no choice in the matter at this time because of the sorry state of real estate both on the Eastern Shore and many other places. He then suggested .. failing that we must modernize our home by installing central air, some kind of heating, not the oil we have now. Now come on....spend thousands to stay where it is unhealthy and dismal?

I am rather happy about the could have been so much worse. But he did mention that the dizziness is not lung is in my head. Oh no, that means more tests.

I've got to tell you....I went on line, (when I could) and found some really nice digs in Prescott Arizona. I'm pumped up again and looking at the world a little differently.

My friend suggested I look into Environmental Diseases. I did so and I am suggesting that everyone take a look. It is amazing what this site can come up with so many symptoms that are environmentally induced. I've often complained about driving behind these huge live poultry trucks.....well there you many viruses are dispersed into your space it is no wonder I walk into walls. But....the red herring is...just trying to find a doctor who agrees with these theories may take awhile. Enlightenment is not that easy to find.

I'm pleased to say Nicci's foot surgery went well and she is a hard one to keep down. Thankfully, the pain relief she was prescribed also knock her out for several hours. Yea!!!!

My journaling is going to be sporadic...we have a problem with our carrier, Vonage. It will be rectified on the 11th of September and we will be back with Verizon. Hopefully that will be the end of this fading in and out. Was it so unreasonable of me to think that it was the signal? Like a satelite shifting and we are losing power down here? Bob seems to think I've lost my mind. Well, just once he could be right.

This is a holiday weekend. Be Safe. See you soon. RD


Jacqui Binford-Bell said...

I always heard the first frost is suppose to make the allergens go away. NOT. We have had lots of frosts and some plants continue to bloom seemingly immune to cold nights. Mardi Gras, the poodle continues to lick and scratch, and I continue to deal with sore throats in the morning and post nasal drip.

Northern New Mexico is also great for allergies. I have two things that bother me here and they are generally confined to a week in the spring and a couple weeks in the fall. Mardi doesn't do as well.

We also have virtually no toxic chemicals. But that could be true of Prescott or Flagstaff too. I would think Utah would be great too.

Glad you found a doctor you seem to like.

AngelMc said...

allergies... i usually have pretty severe trouble about twice a year (if i'm lucky) and asthma now in my old age. usually if i start an antihistamine before the allergy season, it is much better. but except for 2+ weeks of a chest cold/asthma/and dyspnea, this year has not been so bad.
so i feel your pain, i assume you are on chronic inhalers and rescue inhalers and singulair?
my poor grandson, i swear was born with a snotty nose, and has been on medicine since he was a month old..wheezy all the time. nose runs constantly...
i hope you get better.