Thursday, August 27, 2009

Getting to the bottom of these health issues

Here I am once again talking about my ongoing health issues. I really hope I'm not boring you silly but who else to run this by but you?

Yesterday was my appointment with the pulmonology department in Salisbury having a spirometry test and another chest x-ray. I've mentioned it before, but to refresh your memory, it is a ninety minute drive. Which by all standards is quite doable, but not when the temps are ranging in the ninety five degree mark and so so airconditioining.

Now I have had these tests before, I've had asthma all of my life. It is usually under control with meds. Only when I get a stubborn virus is it a bother. So I was not particularly anxious about the test.

We got to our destination....second floor of the brand spanking new building. I gotta tell you they have been on such a building spurt that the hospital is unrecognizable from what it was ten years ago.

I was met at the elevator by the tech and walked to her office. The testing takes place in like an acrylic phone booth....with all sorts of breathing gadgets right in front of you.

It is a little step up and backed into the chair. Holy cow....what just happened? Pain shooting from my back, down my leg , down my arm and seemingly getting stuck in my rib cage. Did lightening strike? Is this a heart attack? Was I shot? All in a matter of a nano-second ran through my mind.

None of the was a sciatic event. The tech was able to have me walk it out somewhat, I mean it still was persistent in my rib cage. I told her I needed a moment to collect myself...she insisted I go home. Her tests lasted an hour and my time would be better spent on the drive home. I reluctantly agreed.

Thank goodness Nicci was driving and she always comes prepared with extra meds. I took a pain pill with a Latte and off we went. I was fine, really. Just glad that it was over. What a surprising thing to have happen....just making a stupid little turn and BANG you are in a world of pain.

Today every nook and cranny of the right side of my body is aching. Not an unusual aftermath. But just think about it...this could happen at any time to anyone, anywhere. No warning just pop.

Thought I'd pass this along to give you a heads up on this type of event. By the is looking more and more like the dizziness episodes and lack of oxygen are due to anxiety. Go figure....Just what in the world am I so anxious about?

Be safe, keep cool and have a splendid day. RD


Bee's Blog said...

When I read the last blog (which I did not get round to commenting on) about this upcoming visit that you now describe, I thought to myself "stress, stress related'. Anxiety manifests in all sorts of ways. If it was a pulmonary embolism, you would be in such pain together with the shortness of breath that you would not be able to move. And it is highly likely that in the event of an embolism, you would not have been around to write this great blog!

Sciatica - very painful and done in an instant - just a quick turn at the wrong angle and that's it. You should rest but intermittently you should move around so that the blood circulates and we don't want a DVT.

What are you so anxious about? Well, let's see. Aging for one plus Lucie, plus I am sure, a host of things that you want to get done but haven't even thought of starting, the weather - shall I go one??? Hugs!!

Jacqui Binford-Bell said...

When I was receiving tests for suspected Lupus which go on every month for about six before they can confirm their diagnosis I realized that for a week before the appointment I was unable to sleep. And then after the test I had to wait a week for the results. Lupus does not respond well to stress. So it got worse. Until I called a halt on the tests.

What they would do to treat it was anti inflammatory drugs and stress reduction life style changes. So I suggested we just treat it as if confirmed and let me get out of the stress eddy of medical appointments.

You could have had a natural reaction to some chemical you have been using on the house and then got anxious about that which caused the anxiety attack and the doctor visits. And if there is one thing doctors do well is create anxiety.