Sunday, August 2, 2009

Its a Brand New Day

and I'm looking forward to what it will bring. I may have said that too soon. Bob just brought in a huge box of veggies from the Eggman. And a musk melon the size of a basketball, I love melons.

So there is no doubt that I will be making salsa for the next few hours. Nicci isn't here to give a hand so I had better start.

Here is good gateleg table materialized overnite. I cannot tell you how pleased and delighted I am. Some things just need to be left unsaid....I'm not asking because in all reality I won't get a straight answer. It is a bit worse for wear...table top split in half. It can be mended and that is what I'm here for.

The temperatures on the sidebar do not indicate just how awful it is out there. The air is so heavy you can chew it.

I'm off to the kitchen. I seem to be spending an awful lot of time in there. All good things. Take care. Put on that sun lotion, you never know. RD


Jacqui Binford-Bell said...

So thrilled you got your gate leg table. I love those too. And nice you were able to achieve it without going to the law as it were. My experience with North Carolina was much the same as yours where you live. Questa, NM (the Hispanics) also tried to test you. Their experience is newcomers tried to keep the peace and would not push the issue so they used that advantage.

The ditch master in Questa even tried to skip me on irrigation water when my husband at the time was out of town. I met him at my door with my pistol on my belt (sensible to shoot dogs that attacked me and dog in upper fields) and told him in no uncertain terms this shit was going to have to stop. And it did.

I was not so successful in Winston-Salem but I got my revenge by selling my house to a black professor.

Send some of that salsa over when you have it done.

Bee's Blog said...

Great news that you got the gate leg table. Someone had second thoughts and obviously thought better of just allowing it to disappear!!

Very hot here today and very humid too. Rainy season so will no doubt be posting photos of floating buses again very soon!