Thursday, December 17, 2009

Imagine My Surprise.....

I had ordered an artificial christmas tree from Ebay several years ago. It had never been unpacked or really inspected by me. It arrived too late for that year and we made due with the tree we had sans the top. That is another story.

I have great plans every year to not get myself or the rest of the family caught up in a rush to get things up and the tree adorned by Thanksgiving at least. This by the way has never happened. Not that I haven't given it a great deal of thought by at least Halloween. I simply cannot be rushed.

This year I decided the living and dining room needed to have wallpaper removed since the cat had begun the process and it frankly looked awful. This task was not monumental, remove paper, prep, paint. Somewhere between prep and paint I lost my way.

I like to utilize my 'oops' finds. I thought I had the perfect match with the top wallpaper, not so. Then I thought if I did a little home made mixing I would find the exact color.....nope that didn't work either. I do have an abundance of latte colored paint however.

I broke down and bought several gallons of sonoma red. Got it up just in time for Thanksgiving. It looked to me that I had made it, no muss no fuss Christmas stuff next.

Here we go. I finally unwrapped the new tree. It was ordered as a double balsem seven and one half foot tree. Eeeegads look at this I is barely five feet tall and some kind of wicked pine. Not unlike a Charlie Brown creation. I already had several table top versions so here was a third of this kind.

In my haste and feverish temper I sprained my knee. Now folks this is the max it is painful. No amount of rubs, soaking , pills takes away that kind of pain. You limp, you are confined to the first floor and all the ornaments are in the attic. You do not merrily go shopping or caroling with a bum knee. So this too has put a damper on getting things done.

We decided to use all three trees. They range in size of four to five feet tall. We now have a forest of lit trees awaiting ornaments. I must make my way into the attic and grab whatever I can to put on the trees. It has been at least a week so my mobility has improved. Bob unfortunately has a repeat of his sciatica so he is of little assistance.

The thought has crossed my mind.....Do Not Take the Tree Down...We could possibly avoid all of this who ha by having Christmas 24/7 365. Is that a plan?

Be care ful out there the roads can get icey. RD


AngelMc said...

sorry you are having so much trouble. i too start out with good intentions...
i work with a physician that his wife keeps their tree up in a front bedroom that you can see from the street all year 'round. she lights it up for Christmas...of course she is sorta eccentric.....

Catfish Tales said...

Perhaps you didn't mean this as comical, but to me it reads like something out of Erma Bombeck, especially now that you have all those 'Charlie Brown trees' decorating your Xmas holiday with poor you and your knee - and your husband with his sciatica - both unable to climb to the attic to add bits and bobs to make them all festive.

Jacqui Binford-Bell said...

Locals in my area never take down outside lights. So I could live with the artificial tree up all year around.

Go for it.

heatherbelle said...

I think using all the trees is a great idea..a forest in your living room...wonderful.

Ok so I'm a spoil sport..I can't wait to get rid of all the decorations etc which clog up the house at Christmas..just not my thing..I hate clutter and to me it's all clutter.

No Christmas spirit in that comment, is there?