Friday, December 4, 2009

The diagnosis is in.

I don't know whether to laugh or cry. I found out yesterday that I have fibromyalgia. Laugh because I had been looking into this disease for many months. Cry because it took so darn long to find out. Actually, with all the people that show symptoms of this disease it is devilish to get this diagnosis in as short a time as I did.

There is a medication out there Savella, which I will begin taking tonite. Ofcourse I read up on this as well. Hey, if I could get a good nights sleep, finish a task in a reasonable amount of time, and not hit a wall everyday at 3pm I'll be good to go.

I waffled between Chronic Fatigue syndrome and Fibromyalgia. They do have alot in common. The good thing is you are granted good days and bad days, on those good days is when I always mention in my blogs that I must make hay. I usually can and do. On those off days, they are really off the chart with pain, and a feeling of wasting away.

After about eight months of getting tests and returning to the physicians office to hear well, it isn't this or that I became frustrated. I stopped going in to hear no news. Then I got a note from the office wanting to see me about my results. Hooray, they have come up with something.

I like to know what I have. I like knowing there is a treatment. I like knowing that I will have ups and downs. And getting used to the fact that I may never be able to handle Lucie is the roughest part.

I've told you I needed to remove wallpaper from the living and dining room. That is done, in fact three layers of paint have been applied. Thank goodness Nicci was there to lend a fact truth be told, she did the majority of the work. Now that I'm on the home stretch I need to clean up and move furniture. Just can't be done, I close the doors and know it will be there tomorrow.

This was just to let you know why I've been so sporadic in my postings, occasionally on the dark side. I hope that the new meds will put me on a more even road and I will be a bit more responsive.

Heck, I'm really lucky, come to think of it....this diagnosis could have been so much worse. I'll hang in there and deal with the discomfort and moodiness, you can join me for this ride if you like. Remember....there will be good days.

Be careful out there....pickpocket season is upon us. RD


Jacqui Binford-Bell said...

Welcome to the club, RD! I have been dealing with it since my head injury which can be a common trigger for it. At first I thought it was the head injury but when all other aspects of that improved but the pain and the fatigue and the fibro haze I began believing a neighbor that has suffered from it for decades.

I cannot do any of the new stuff that is so toxic but I am a true believer in guaifenesin. It was once used for gout and still added to cold medicines as an expectorant (fibro cough) but it is out of FDA control and is a natural medicine that can be gotten at a lot of health food stores and on line.

I still can have episodes when I get over stressed or do not exercise routinely but I swear by guai.

Jacqui Binford-Bell said...

My good days far outweigh my bad ones at this time.

AngelMc said...

i have missed hearing from you. i hope the new medicine works and you are back to normal. sending up a little prayer for you as i write this.

Bee's Blog said...

I'm furious for you that they didn't pick this up during all the tests pre-surgery.

i suppose the up side is that it's a relief to know what you have and what they can do about it.

This illness seems to be so much more prevalent now. I have to admit that i had never heard of it before I met Frani and Jacqui. And then I started seeing the ads for the various medications for it. So I researched.

I think the most frightening thing that I came across was that some people cannot even bear to be touched because of the pain.

I am so sorry to learn that you have this but happy to know that medication is going to help you.

Perhaps you should correspond with Jacqui and Frani for their input both being sufferers of this disease.

Hugs (if they don't hurt too much) but love and good wishes dear friend.

heatherbelle said...

This is a difficult disease to dignose and one which mimics so many others..I too have it though very fortunately what my doctor calls, minor.. It affects most parts of my body in moderation but most severley my stomach and if I become too stressed,IBS, which often co-exists with fibro.
It does seem to be more prevalent these days which begs the question why? maybe it's the stressful lives we lead or maybe it is triggered by past traumas. Whatever causes it, it can be extremely painful and most distressing. I hope your doctor has the answers.
But like you I would rather know than not as going for tests for months with no answers, can be far worse.Once you know what your dealing with the journey is easier.