Saturday, January 2, 2010

Get Over Yourself.

Here it is....the first day of the brand new year 2010. Isn't it great to type out these numbers? So easy. I respond on some inner level to 'even' numbers. I like them,I always choose them although I've never won the lottery with them they give me comfort. That is how I feel about the upcoming year. Not ridiculously over the top but I do see some light at the end of this tunnel.

Keep this in mind "Fool! The Ideal is in thyself, the impediment too is in thyself: thy Condition is but the stuff thou art to shape that same Ideal out of: what matters whether such stuff be of this sort or that, so the Form thou give it be heroic, be poetic? O thou that pinest in the imprisonment of the Actual, and criest bitterly to the gods for a kingdom wherein to rule and create, know this of a truth: the thing thou seekest is already with thee, ‘here or nowhere,’ couldst thou only see!"
— Thomas Carlyle (Sartor Resartus)

Ain't that just the truth. The adult pout is out. Each and every situation I have ever written about and you have experienced mentions at length the negative. And why not .... that is so much more entertaining, amusing or companion to the written word. The lesson learned....not so earth shattering. If nothing else it broadcasts to everyone your narrow mindedness, your shallowness to ignore the obvious.

I speak from years and years of experience. And the statement "it could'a been worse " is just as bad. The telling of the tale should be spontaneous, off the cuff and with appropriate humor as well. The contrived, researched tale told as truth and spontaneous fools no one. It resembles a sophomoric book report that you are passing off as real life.

The pout is out.....means that we must make a 180 degree turn and an earnest search for that crumb of information that may ultimately light up someone Else's light bulb. Perhaps something can be gained when you are told this flight is totally booked and you find out later it crashed in the Rockies.

Doing for others, not always humans, gives us much satisfaction, subject material, and insight into human nature. The enemy in my eyes is the social networking epidemic of the unadulterated me, me generation. Here is the forum where you can talk about yourself til kingdom come.

Initially you pull readers in but slowly but surely they go on to the next messiah, inventor, sage. And why not? You bored them to death.

Come is the fresh start of the new year and its time to get over yourself. RD


Jacqui Binford-Bell said...

Great post! Lessons here for all of us. I am trying to focus more on the positive. But I remind myself to not berate myself for getting negative. One hell of a lot of negative stuff happened in 2009. It is only natural to develop a fear of the water when stung by jellyfish every time you put in a toe.

Give yourself a hug for having survived 2009.

heatherbelle said...

Wow...interesting thoughts...not sure what to say about this..
I guess at least my comment is honest.
For me, blogging my story is therapy and I hope that I begin to grow as the months pass. Perhaps it is indulgent...even boring..
it's certainly no masterpiece but it's mine,my feelings and in my words. at your peril, I guess.