Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Sleeping Mind


Come wander through my sleeping mind

See what treasures you might find.

Memories of so long ago

A pristine world clad in pure snow.

A voice that rang with lovely song

That spoke of love when I was young.

Bypass the long dark corridor;

Look not beyond the painted door.;

For there waits agony and pain.

These are the demons in my brain.

I cry aloud for God to hear

And ease the torment that I fear.

Why did such evil come to me?

I was blinded and could not see

Satan waiting in dark disguise

Laughing as he bespoke his lies.

The doors of Hell were opened wide;

When God at last came to my side.

With God's help my demons were banished.

Satan and his cohorts all vanished.

I was free to fulfill at last

God's plan for me which was vast.

To write the words that set man free;

To live in peace and harmony.

~Florence Picciotti


heatherbelle said...

Bitter sweet...

Bee's Blog said...

I like it, I feel it and I know it's true.

Nicholas V. said...

Lovely poem, thank you for posting. I was not aware of this poet.