Sunday, May 31, 2009


I am one of many women who do things on their own, have a penchant for beautification projects, ON A BUDGET.

I have searched the blogisphere and have come up with a sorry few women who do the beautification thing (and do it well) ON A BUDGET and write about it..If I were an interior designer this wouldn't be a problem, if my budget allowed I wouldn't be stressed at the enormous outlay of cash for each project.

I'm asking....have you come across such a blog? I'd appreciate a little info on that subject. I have a few that are on my blogger reading roll, and would like to add to these.

I've finished the burgundy bedroom. I do like it. Very soothing and eclectic. I like a variety of things surrounding me and this is what this room offers.

Pics later. Oh, I know I have promised pics but there is a problem...I don't own a camera, my daughters new picture phone is a dud, and B's camera just doesn't take a good pic.
Yup, still working on the chandelier...I thought of buying more crystals to finish the project and sat down and wondered why? Heck I have enough crystals I just need to redesign what I have.

The keeping room is coming along. It sure was a keeping room. I kept junk in there and it is a pass through room so you could see the clutter. Clutter gone. First layer of Bin paint on the walls and ceiling.

Eighteen hours from now I will be applying the paint. Drying time is essential here. It is so frigging humid here it takes an eternity to dry and tighten up. This is where I made my mistake in the past....I was too eager to see the paint on the walls and skipped the drying time. It is heartbreaking to see all your work roll off the walls six months later. Not this time.

Again I will be utilizing my finds on the OOPS pile at Home Depot or Lowes. This room will be a very pale, pale almost white pink. Yes, I said pink. I dont believe it myself, but there you go...the price was right.

The floor will be painted as well. Fat gray and white stripes. The radiator burst its pipes this past winter and because of the junk in there water damage went unnoticed and has stained very bad. I wanted black and white diamonds, but my daughter brought up the stripe idea and I went for it....see its about the measuring, I can do stripes not diamonds.

How do you like AFTERTHOUGHTS as a name of a blog....I seem to have a plethora of them. In fact, I've always felt like an afterthought. Good day to you. RD

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