Thursday, May 28, 2009

New challenge or money pit.

I'd like to think that I found my dream house. That could mean just about anything at this time. Why....because my feelings for things tangible is not at its peak right now. I must admit I'm usually pretty good at making decisions quickly and usually with few or no regrets.

Sounds like I'm prepping you and myself for a really big undertaking or a huge letdown. That may very well be the case. But let me tell you about it and perhaps seeing my thought written will be the final straw.

It is located in Texas, I've been wanting to go back west for ages. My husband says Arizona is out of the question, no matter what storybook places I pull up from the net he always says 'no'. Ok, so I look in Texas, and why not? It is gorgeous to me on many levels, lifestyle, home design, and most of all people. Oh, then again there is the climate factor...its yukky here...humid beyond belief and always a bit of a damp chill. Not for me.

I digress....It has 3600 plus square feet. Enough space for my animals and the three of us. Four baths, just incase one hasn't been cleaned, or is being used for our latest rescue. (It has happened) It has 6 bedrooms. An acre lot on a golf course.This may be a problem with putting up a privacy fence. is a mess. Everything needs re-doing. Just walls,windows and damaged doors. EeeeeGad what am I thinking? I will attempt to copy the photos of this place tomorrow. Oh, and the exterior is a mess as well. But the sweet!

Is this just another foray into my fantasy world to be able to resurrect this diamond in the rough....real rough? Can this sows ear be turned into a silk purse? Get my drift? I'm beginning to think I won't be able to pull this one off.

It is so far removed from anything I have ever considered. Like charm, good bones, plumbing, wiring. I just can't sleep nites thinking about this place. What do you think? Pics tomorrow. RD.

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