Monday, May 4, 2009

Having a pet peeve... The more you have the more you end up with. Like a hydra:

I'd say without a doubt I'm more than a bit peeved. Circumstances have prevented me from blogging about the things I love. Houses and cooking.

I'm not an architect nor an interior designer. So I post what I like. I try to figure out how I can duplicate or improve on an image.

Food... I like food, like to read about it, like to try things out and I follow a recipe to the letter. is my peeve. I follow many blogs on these two subjects and I find that they are rarely geared toward the reader that 1) can't even find the ingredients in her local super market. (I'm rural, remember) and 2) wouldn't have the time in this lifetime to concoct these delicacies. (I run a sanctuary, remember)

The decorating blogs, although pleasing to the eye, cost a mint. How about us do-it yourselfers? Or better yet, the folks that have to do without? I'm peeved when I read about these storybook lives of finding a second home in the Azors, or having the Barnum and Baily circus come to perform for their child's fourth month birthday.

Its not real. Not meant for folks like myself. I do more without than they will ever in their lifetimes. I live by the internet. That is where I buy Greek yo
gurt or Brazil nuts to feed my cats and dogs.

This borders on a whine, I know, and perhaps I sound a bit envious, maybe I am. I have lived that life. I too could make my dreams come true by signing a check or making a call....just not the house in Switzerland with the rustic decor.

I,at first, thought I could manage the homesteading life. I have been beaten soundly about the head at each turn. I wanted a high country home decor, along with a barnyard full of chickens and gardens producing my every whim. This didn't happen and I have become a peevish drone.

I do read the "Mother Earth News", "This old House", and similar blogs as well. Finding Green as despicable as glamor Louis the IV, I just can't find my niche.

My blog will continue with this addendum in mind. I don't give a hoot if I didn't qualify for a nameless widget. I will blog about life, my life. If I'm doing a project....well I'll show you that as well. If it is raining, I'll relay that bit of information as well. As for now, I'm singing in the shower by myself why do I care?

I also have another theory....I just got over a nasty bit with the flu, then I had a toxic reaction to Chantix. Could this be the 'aftershock'? RD

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