Thursday, June 25, 2009

As Promised.....Floor Product Review

And the product is.....ta da.....Rejuvenate....Floor Restorer and Protectant.

To refresh your floor is a mess. Quite frankly it needs professional help. A radiator burst this winter and since the room was being used for storage water did seep beneath some of the boxes. Water stains are the worst. They are black and ugly. The floor boards also took a beating....a little uneven here and there.

The rest of the room is passable. Not great. This is where this product did its stuff. It is a room that is a pass through. We all pass through to reach the kitchen. That includes the family, cats,dogs whomever, and whatever. It sees daily traffic. I think it did a fair job on this area. I'll bet money that if your floors are maintained a bit better than mine it would do a terrific job.

I mentioned that if this concoction didn't work a miracle I would paint the floor. I had a white with a wide gray stripe in mind.( one wall is gray) I deferred to Bob in this matter....Painted floors do not sell houses. Ok Bob, I guess we'll just put a rug over it.

I have one, in fact, lying in the barn. Hopefully it will not have damage from whatever lives out there and I can use that. Its a rather rustic looking thing. A rag rug of sorts, lots of wool threads along with muted colored fabrics. Now I'm really hoping that it is still in tact.

That will have to work. It is the appropriate size, and coloring. Remember this is decorating on a budget of next to nothing, not including labor. That's always the stickler anyway.

Tomorrow I will be moving the furniture back in. Yes, I'm still waiting for that gateleg table...a very sore subject around here. The fireplace surround that I spotted from the highway..was a dud. Too damaged. Too much work to restore. And not a real restoration candidate.

Now I can actually take a pic. I bought a new camera. I'm still a beginner but will give it my beat shot.

Why is it that when you paint one room the rest of the house is a mess. Now I'm sure I told you this is a smallish room. It did hold storage type stuff. It is scattered throughout the whole downstairs. Makes it hard to get around. The cats are absolutely frantic with the mess. The dogs give the boxes a once over and their curiosity is satisfied.

Tomorrow, tomorrow I just can't wait. Hope your summer is cool. RD

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