Thursday, June 11, 2009

Eastern Shore attempt at Ambiance

Like I've said so often.....ambiance? Sure it is nautical..the blue and white and the painted gray floors. But come wheel on the wall does not make this a cozy place.

We stopped here after our DMV fiasco. It used to be called the General Store. Situated in the town of Onancock on the dock. I liked it better back then, full of memorabilia, nautical and otherwise not so sterile.

The owner, who is older than dirt, assists you to your table. This should be against some rule...he needs help himself. Does not set the mood for enjoyment, unwinding, or anything else.

The joint is jumping in the late evening dinner hours. The menu looked very appetizing. A select few items, probably done well, and quite a few things to munch and crunch on. Mostly seafood are on the water, fishing ships anchored nearby, I would hope so.

I've been there in the past, when it was called the General Store. Always happy with my selection. Now, that it is called Mallards, I expect a great deal more...the prices reflect a chef in the kitchen after all.

The atmosphere leaves alot to be desired in the afternoon glare of the sun and wind. Way too bright for my taste. Should be taken down a few notches. The lighting was provided by old sol himself.

We ordered, what a skimpy selection. After being out on the water all day forever how long wouldn't you want something other than Bud light on tap? Maybe its just me....I'm originally from Milwaukee, land of cheese and beer, you would expect a little more. Heck, the yacht club in Milwaukee was a sight to behold. Dining was excellent as was the backbar.

What would you do to make this place....uhmmmmmmmmmmm, a bit more friendly? More Shore tomorrow. RD.

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