Friday, June 19, 2009


I want to work but I have a strange, from out of the blue backache. You know at my age you don't have to do much and there it is. At any rate I tried to get somethings done. Here goes....

My new glasses are just plain lousy. My daughter refreshed my memory that the last pair made me feel dizzy as well until they were adjusted. This time..without further ado...they make me so unsteady that its best that I'm not painting....anything! So, we'll drive the 120mi and get them adjusted.

My floor Restore Kit arrived today. Yea!Bob talked me out of the neat paint job I was planning. He told me in no uncertain terms....painted wood floors do not sell houses. No matter how clever I thought they might be. Reluctantly, I had to agree. We've got all wood floors, the upstairs is a bit shabbier than the downstairs, but buyers want to see that wood.

So, instead I will try one of these on-line purchases of floor restore kits. Again lots of steps, but hey, the paint job would have been as well. I'll let you know how this product works...if it lives up to all the hype. No...not from Billy Mays..

I've managed to paint the switch plates in the 'keeping room'. No great feat...but I must tell you...its been hours and it still hasn't dried. So you see, when I say that it is humid, it is humid. That is why I did not tackle the painted wallpaper project...Switch plates are fine but the will have to wait for another day.

I'm thrilled to tell you I have been invited to another open house at Massawoman Farms. It will be held this Sunday, weather permitting. I'm anxious to see what they have. They did mention in their email that a new crop of potatoes is ready. Plus they have quite a few varieties of herbs available.

This is Shore Life...always something to do. Somewhere to go. I like that very much. I just wish they had the veritable bonanza yard sales they had in Arizona. Honestly, Friday was such an exciting day....where to go and what you would find.Bob is happy and well, I guess that matters.

More Shore tomorrow. Keep safe. RD

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