Monday, June 15, 2009

Can you believe..

I've been at this computer site for nearly two hours. Yes, two hours, almost non stop. Again working on a practice blog, thanks Jacqui, to upload a background.

Now this has gone beyond all imagination. I know how to create a background. I've done it on other sites without a hitch.

Came across a blog entitled Buster Blog. I immediately signed up. He knows what he is talking about. In fact folks, there is a book out there....Blogger for dummies.

Now that is me. But this installation has gotten me so frazzled I'm thinking of throwing in the towel until I have this down right.

The practice blog was a godsend. I practiced and practiced. You know what I ended up with? My original stinky pink background! That's just too funny.

Oh gosh, I'm much better, thanks for asking. It's so good being on the up side of this thing. I've coughed my head off but that's what Robitussin is for. I'm still a little miffed about how I got this....Bob had to visit a sick client....the rest is history.
More Shore tomorrow. RD ps Here is the Blogger Buster on line book site

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Bee's Blog said...

Thank you - now maybe I'll get somewhere!!