Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Yukky Is Normal

At least for the Eastern Shore. My snake sightings have increased. To the point where I am confined to my home. That is not a great loss since I have a multitude of things to be done here. It is however, working on my psyche. Imprisonment is not a happy state. When you are busy you barely notice that you can't garden, carry out trash, do some of my outdoor things.

Once the fact sinks in....'you are a prisoner in your own home' you want to rebel and just go outdoors. And prove exactly what? That you have been an unreasonable person to begin with and 'lookee here, nothing to fear'.

I am not just a person who doesn't like snakes. Take em or leave em. No I am seriously phobic. That alone will tell you it is an unnatural reaction. Hey, some people are phobic about clowns....I'll never understand that one.

I see them in my yard. I watch them hunting the birds in the houses I built and painted for them. I see them slithering (under the house?). I see them in my dreams..constricting my dogs. I am freaked out by electric cords in the house. And on and on.

So you see, what is yukky to me is quite normal and taken for granted if you share any anecdote about snakes with your neighbors. Yet another reason to label me eccentric and worse. Enough of this subject.

Have you ever done something so stupid that you want to keep it to yourself or quite the opposite...tell the world? Here goes, I found a 'deal' on stickum floor tiles for my kitchen. Nothing, mind you, I would rate four stars had I seen it in a store.

The picture, in fact, was quite puzzling. Was it green or blue? Were the mosaics really that small? I bought it anyway....did I mention it was a deal? I can't resist things that may fill the bill at such a reduced price.

I ordered ten boxes. At a steal. Free shipping. Oh lord, they must really be bad. I kept telling myself that this is how I wanted to decorate..on a shoestring and passable. You are aware I want to unload this rural monstrosity as quickly as possible....needing to move on is a very new and realistic goal.

The first two boxes arrived...I must admit...they weren't that bad. Again something I wouldn't give two glances at but will do. Now the rub comes. Free shipping...sure. But at two boxes a day, or every other day or maybe a week inbetween deliveries. That's the deal. Not bad for free...that is what I keep in mind as these heavy boxes arrive two by two. There is always a hitch, a downside, if you will. What price are you willing to pay for free?

That is my confession and I'm sticking to it. Have you ever done something this foolish and paid in the end some way, some how? RD


Jacqui Binford-Bell said...

mmmm, I cannot get totally used to your comment hot link being at the top.

Are these poisonous snakes or garter snakes?

RD said...

These are the black snakes that are sometimes called rat snakes, black racers or any of a dozen names. They are not poisonous..but do bite(re: the dogs) they range in size up to five or six feet. Not pretty. Rather slow moving, but his pal..much larger, fatter went like the wind. They constrict their prey, thus the nightmares (unrealistic I suppose) but this year just too many. RD