Sunday, June 7, 2009

Under Construction .........again

I honestly had this page looking exactly as I wanted it to look. Simple, classy, and full of pics and tid bits.

I made the mistake of adjusting things which in no way needed adjusting and poof....all was gone. Including Followers, Comments AND MY HEADER.

LET ME TELL YOU, I am not an engineer, nor a patient person so this has been ever so frustrating. I went back to my Shabby Blogs site....grabbed something to make my page less generic....oh, come on...its industrial looking....I'm hardly that.

Went to Google my dilemma and low and behold....'if you lost your header .. you are in real trouble.' Duh...but nothing that I could understand that would get it back.

Where did it go? I kept trying to find it.... no luck. It did offer a suggestion that I could understand stating 'you must go back' where?

I've been on here long enough to know it isn't a piece of cake, but come on guys, lets make the instructions for the computer phobic ,like myself, easy peasy.

I've got a heck of a lot better things to do than read things I don't understand or better yet don't want to understand. Like what's a Zip file? Everything is in a zip file, including 47MG of my yahoo blogs. I shouldn't have to enroll in an on line computer class to get a background for my blog.

Another subject please .... The eggman dropped off more produce....yea. He starts planting in his greenhouse in February. I can't believe my is darn cold here in February. We received three cabbages...I've made one batch of cole was yummy. The second one is booked for stuffed cabbage leaves,yup it is still chilly enough for that heavy meal. The third....who knows...I don't plan ahead that far.

In the produce package we had more yellow squash, zucchini, and shallots. Can you believe it? I sent over an old timey school desk for his daughter( she plays school) and several boxes of books. This gifting thing is nice...I've got too much of one thing and he has too much of another. Life couldn't be simpler.

Ok...I haven't mentioned my 'keeping room' walls. I need to BUY another gallon of paint. Oh, I'm fit to be tied. I really wanted to avoid that, but in this case it can't be helped. All the prep work in the world wouldn't have made a difference, they are simply thirsty walls.

The color is disappointing to me. Looked pink in the can and now that it is up the contrast between the trim and the walls is so slight as to almost blend. I'll bet they put a whole drop of red in the mix. So I'll be at my favorite store Lowes tomorrow.

The cats are romping so it must be late...they sleep all day and at night the scampering begins.Great clock to set my life by. Tomorrow...more Shore. RD

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Jacqui Binford-Bell said...

I seem to be following you twice. Blogger took me a while to get. And how to make their generic themes more personal with pictures. Kept wanting it to be like 360.

I do think learning things keeps s young. So I am willing to put up with some of this. In the last week with profiles added into the mix I think I was on sensory over load however.

Nice to see you have your blog resurrected even if it is not exactly like you want.

Tip: open a second blog here connected to your profile and make it private and try everything out there first. Testing ground