Saturday, June 6, 2009

Jocasta Innes

About Jocasta
Jocasta was born in Nanking, China. Her childhood was much travelled (as her father worked for Shell), education patchy until she fetched up in the UK, studying at Girton College, Cambridge, where she took a Modern Language degree. She flirted with journalism (London Evening Standard), translated books for a living, married twice, had four children, hit the big time with Paint Magic (a blockbuster), rescued a Regency house from demolition, wrote books, presented a TV series, started a business, cycled across London to work at Cosmopolitan magazine, cooked, mothered, decorated, fell in love with an architect ( Sir Richard MacCormac) and lived the frantic, driven but mainly enjoyable life of a working woman and mother in the late 20 century. That was then.

Today she lives in the same Regency house, which is still evolving — decoratively speaking — and was recently featured in Hello and the London Magazine. She has collaborated with Sir Richard MacCormac as a colour consultant for major exhibitions at the Tate Modern and Tate Britain. She appears regularly on television as an interiors expert, has been the subject of many magazine and newspaper articles and is currently publicising her latest book, Home Time. Her home is still the most important place to her.

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This is the author, artist and idea person I always go to when looking to make improvements.

From the list of books that she has written I clearly have missed out on a few of them. My dogeared copy of 'The Thrifty Decorator' is the go to book for me. From these pages I can add or subtract and get the look I'm longing to have.

I'm not that creative in this area. I need help and am not afraid to look things up or just ask. I am more of an idea person, I can visualize a space, and to get there I need guidance.

I own quite a few books on decorating, painting furniture, and ethnic touches. They sit there on my bookshelves until there is a dire need. We now have the advantages of the computer, but that isn't like holding it in your hands and going over the process.

I highly recommend any of her books for the 'how to diva' in my opinion.

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Your link
Directs to a site with only adverts on it. Also no Wiki page for Ms Innes. Tricky trying to find out what her latest projects are via the web.