Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A New Pizza Place

Anything new on the Eastern Shore is a cause for celebration. We received the mailer on Friday. By Saturday we had placed an order.

The pizza was not that bad. The crust needed a little tweaking. The sauce tasted homemade. Bountiful application of cheeses. What can I say peperoni is peperoni.

Having said that ... I am astounded at the menu. Didn't this guy watch Gordon Ramsey? Keep it simple, use local produce, and a select few items done superbly.

What came in the mail and is the restaurant's menu was the size of a booklet. How can anyone have all of these items 'fresh'. Can't be done. Must be alot of frozen on there. Perhaps even prepared by microwave. Uggh.

I will repeat that the pizza wasn't bad, but the other two hundred items may take some doing. I want this family to succeed. That is a rare thing here. His only competition is Pizza Hut...which on occasion can be a great filler for "I don"t want to cook nite".

Businesses are closing by the handful at this moment. Gosh, I've been waiting for Kathy's Kitchen to open for a year. The New Jersey couple with their pizza creations closed almost two years ago, and now is a mexican hangout.

The New Jersey pizza place was right in my little town. We were thrilled to have this alternative to the Lunch Box. Alright the pizza was covered with Vidalia onions that you couldn't tell if there was an ounce of sauce or toppings underneath. By the second time we onions please, to deaf ears. That was the end of our own little pizza parlor.

The Lunch Box....puleeze...overpriced fast food that required a healthy dose of Pepto Bismal before and after eating. Thankfully, it too closed its doors this year. Want to buy an overpriced free standing restaurant/dwelling in the town of Parksley?

So it is easy to see why my family cheers on the newcomer. He will soon learn the ways of the Eastern Shore citizens. Cut his menu, make a better crust cut out all the freebies. This guy is appealing to all in uniform except the dog catcher...10% off for all police, fire, soldiers, and teachers (?). Teachers? I ask you...this is a bit over the top.

I fear he will find himself in the same boat that we are. If you are a "come here", you havn't got a chance. Just because. You are foreign until you die....and then they will ask at your gravesite...never knew em.

So much for my restaurant critique. More Shore tomorrow. RD

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