Saturday, June 20, 2009

Just Thoughts for Today.

I like to think that my house is my palette. I can do with whatever I want. I can change it at will. Something looks out of place...move it.

I have dabbled in actual painting in my life. Mostly on refinished, painted furniture. Now if I were to be generous I would call it 'primitive' or ' rustic'. It may ,in fact, have a category all its own. Known to some as just plain bad.

This self-examination of just how far I will go came about yesterday. Our fireplaces are boarded up. We don't have one of those catchers on top,plus we have curious cats. We don't use the fireplaces anyway, they tend to give us asthma. Soooo, I was asked to paint something on the cover boards.

I actually had something spring to mind, I searched it out. Voila I found it. I think I need to be in a more creative mood to pull this off. It is a good idea though. What do you think?

I went to the library this morning. On our way I spotted the fireplace surround I had mentioned a while back to use in my 'keeping room'. Now I thought this thing would have been long gone...nope, looks weather beaten enough to pass for free. I'm talking that it has been out there for years. Its been moved of course and is covered with new weed growth.Leaning precariously against a telephone pole. I just figure...I was meant to see this thing. Now I must convince Bob to take me there to examine it. Wish me luck.

My back is still a bother. But as usual we women carry on no matter what. I'm just about to move some boxes out of the newly painted room with a dolly and get going on the first few steps of the floor restoration.

By the way, just picked up a new biography of Flannery O'Connor by Brad Gooch. Its one of those must read fast selections, seven days and that's it. Will let you know how I like it. Suns out....wear a hat! RD

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Catfish Tales said...

Oh, how wonderful to stumble across another Flannery O'Connor fan. Haven't read her work in awhile. Isn't she delightful?

I have lived my whole life with artists, and I am one myself. When others back when were trying to act 'cool and crazy', I was just trying to be 'normal'. Guess what? It didn't work at all. ;~P
These days I've resigned myself to just be who I am. Works out much better that way (she sighs with relief).

Good luck with your fireplace project. Sounds fun and interesting. Cheers